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Topic (New Replies)
Installing Visual Liturgy on a Mac  

Kirsty Anderson 3 748 27/01/2014 11:10:04
Last Post By: Alicja Chapman
Topic (New Replies)
Installing on Windows 8  

Karen Curnock 5 804 22/01/2014 13:21:05
Last Post By: Jo Jones
Topic (New Replies)
Installing VisLit without CD  

Rosemary 2 811 19/12/2013 10:20:25
Last Post By: newittm
Topic (New Replies)
Windows 7 complete failure  
VL refused to start, repair or re-install from disc or download!

rvdmikej 0 249 21/10/2013 23:02:18
Last Post By: rvdmikej
Topic (New Replies)
Registration - issues with password  
Error message stating password not secure

worst_witch 2 1,183 27/03/2013 11:02:53
Last Post By: tomalbinson
Topic (New Replies)
passwords in the team  

hilary.spong 3 380 26/03/2013 11:31:25
Last Post By: Alicja Chapman
Topic (New Replies)
installing on an android tablet  

Elif 1 601 20/11/2012 20:32:16
Last Post By: Alicja Chapman
Topic (New Replies)
Visual Liturgy Live on machine which is running VL3  
Cannot get this registered as a member of my Team

John Clasper 1 673 19/11/2012 14:30:53
Last Post By: Alicja Chapman
Topic (New Replies)
Installed on a new pc - where's the Methodist material gone?  

kptame 2 1,727 26/09/2012 22:12:12
Last Post By: annebrennan
Topic (New Replies)
Window size of welcome screen  
Issues with it not remaining as used before

w0400 0 462 25/09/2012 12:24:18
Last Post By: w0400
Topic (New Replies)
Help not working correctly  
When clickig on links in VL Help pages, I get an error.

w0400 2 477 25/09/2012 10:56:57
Last Post By: w0400
Topic (New Replies)
elements not working on Windows 7  

kptame 1 551 24/09/2012 11:38:32
Last Post By: development
Topic (New Replies)
New Computer running Windows 7  

A Richardson 1 734 24/09/2012 09:25:30
Last Post By: Alicja Chapman
Topic (New Replies)
Failing to deserialise empty stream  
VisLit won't load

Cadellin 0 526 08/06/2012 12:51:13
Last Post By: Cadellin
Topic (New Replies)
Curate to Vicar - help with licence change/purchase  
My licence for Vis Lit expires in 3 days time (Single user licence)

Pat Craighead 1 3,497 01/05/2012 22:16:00
Last Post By: Pat Craighead
Topic (New Replies)
Cannot update Registration  
Expired subscription details keep coming up!

cyclingrevmark 0 1,028 29/03/2012 08:56:50
Last Post By: cyclingrevmark
Topic (New Replies)
Installing VL Live on a team member's computer  
VL encountered a problem

colin boyce 0 716 08/03/2012 16:32:42
Last Post By: colin boyce
Topic (New Replies)
Ubuntu installation  

nigellacey 2 1,337 15/02/2012 18:04:57
Last Post By: Karen Curnock
Topic (New Replies)
Corrupted database  
(was need to reinstall etc..)

harpfixer 1 653 24/01/2012 14:40:12
Last Post By: development
Topic (New Replies)
VL has suddenly stopped working!  

Perivalechurch 1 648 14/01/2012 15:35:39
Last Post By: development


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