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Visual Liturgy Live is the latest version of the Visual Liturgy family  which has for over ten years been helping people to plan worship services for the Church of England, the Methodist Church of Great Britain, and The Church of Ireland.


The Visual Liturgy Live online demo  is an ideal first introduction to service planning, enabling you to create a basic service complete with readings in three steps.

We hope this will give you a flavour of how the full version of Visual Liturgy Live (which offers a much richer array of content and features) can assist you and your church.

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Visual Liturgy training dates for 2015

Training events are available, the next dates being Wednesday 20 May 2015 and Thursday...

Subscription management

Subscription management is done at the Visual Liturgy Live website. You need to sign in using the Site Login at the bottom-left of the home-page, using your VL Live user-name and password. Once logged-in, you'll see a couple of new links. Click on Subscription Management and you'll then be able to v...

Visual Liturgy Live Enabling Worship

Visual Liturgy Live is a unique and powerful service planning software package that provides everything you need to create inspiring, refreshing and well-planned worship, including:

The complete Common Worship library and other essential resources to enable you to plan worship that is flexible and creative.

Intuitive tools to empower you to produce services quickly and easily.

Intelligent and streamlined software that gives you the freedom to focus on what really matters.

To find out more about what Visual Liturgy Live can do for you, click here.

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