Visual Liturgy

Features in VL Live

Visual Liturgy Live includes many key features not included in previous versions. 

The Lectionary Planner

With the Lectionary Planner you can create and export a pattern of readings in advance, allowing you to build rotas and plan services as a team. You can also include periods of departure from the lectionary (perhaps following a book of the Bible or a particular theme) before returning to the standard lectionary structure.



Bookmark favourite items to come back to at a later date, for example a list of suggested hymns or favourite blessings, with the Visual Liturgy Live short-list function. Items can also be printed, exported and edited directly from the short list.


Smart Templates

Visual Liturgy Live allows you to easily plan services by selecting a service template that is automatically populated with the correct readings and prayers for the day and season. 

The smart template feature simplifies the process even further by choosing which service template is most suitable for your needs.

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