Visual Liturgy

System Requirements

We support Visual Liturgy Live under Windows XP or higher, including Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The minimum requirements for running VL Live are:
• an IBM PC (or compatible) running Windows XP or higher. If Windows runs well, Visual Liturgy Live will run well too. 
• at least 200MB of free space on your hard disk drive 
• a monitor that works at least 800x600 in SVGA mode

An internet connection is required to make use of the internet features of VL Live, particularly the on-line updates of content. It is possible to use VL Live without the internet, but not recommended.

We're sorry that VL Live is not compatible with Apple Macs and the Apple operating system, other than by running in a Windows emulator.

That said, we are trialling an online version which you can use from any web browser. See the demo here: If you subscribe to Visual Liturgy Live, you can get current readings and prayers online, automatically inserted into the service of your choice.

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