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After purchasing Visual Liturgy Live you will receive an email from us with a link to download the software, your unique serial number and instructions for installing it on your computer.

For further help please see:

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Getting Started

So you've started VL Live and you're faced with the home screen...

The best way of quickly seeing what VL Live can do is to open a service. Click on the Frequently used services folder so that it's expanded and you can see all its contents, just like using files and folders in Windows.

Double-click on Holy Communion Order One; VL will offer you a dialogue box that features a calendar.

Select the date on which you plan to celebrate Holy Communion (as an example, just pick the next Sunday), and click OK. VL will open the service for you.

To explore further, use the tabs at the bottom of the screen to move between the Overview, Detail view, summary view, etc.

Once you've got this far, it's time to start using the manual as there are so many things you might want to do next. Have a look through the introduction which gives you an overview of how the manual is organised and what's covered where, and enjoy using Visual Liturgy Live to plan your worship. 

Download User Manual

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