Visual Liturgy


The first time you run Visual Liturgy Live you will be prompted to register. Your computer must be connected to the Internet during registration.

1. Create a login name and password.

Your login name can be anything you like, but it should be memorable. It may be helpful to think about whether this copy of VL Live is being registered to an individual, or a church or other organization when choosing a login name.

Your password should be 6-12 characters and must include at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter and 1 number.

2. Enter your serial number. 

If you purchased Visual Liturgy Live from this website your serial number will have been sent to you in an email. Your serial number is also saved in the My Account section of this website - login to My Account with the email address and password you used when purchasing Visual Liturgy Live.

If you have been set up as a user on a team licence (for example you are one of several users covered by a licence purchased by your church) then your team leader will supply an individual serial number and a team serial number. Enter your individual serial number first and tick the box marked "Check here if you have a team subscription". Enter your team serial number in the box below.

3. Complete the rest of the form and select "Register Now".



If you change your computer and re-install Visual Liturgy Live you will need to complete the registration form again.

Make sure you enter your existing login name, password and registration number when re-registering.

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